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The price for a translation includes the translation itself as well as the proofreading of the target text by another qualified translator regarding spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, style and plausibility (factual correctness). Depending on the text's function and target group, native speakers of the target language will be assigned with this task.


We consider the translator and the associated proofreader a TANDEM, which means they are a team that cooperates on a systematic and sustained basis. Both translators take the role as either translator or proofreader from project to project.

Proofreading does not cover a check of the contents. Nor does it include a review of terminology by comparing source and target text (Review).
See also our document "The Execution Process of a Translation Order”, which is available upon request.


A review can be performed on customer request. It means an extra effort which, if requested, would be the subject of a separate quotation.
In this case, the files will be checked for language consistency and functionality by a second linguist. This person will make sure that the text content has indeed been transferred into the target language accurately and completely, and that the terminology agreed upon has been used consistently.

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