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Specialty Areas

Industry and Technology

Manufacturing systems engineering, automotive engineering, engine production and precision mechanics.
Electrical engineering, electronics, micro-electronics, data systems technology, IT and telecommunication systems, entertainment electronics, household appliances.
Instrumentation and control systems, automation technology, machine tool manufacture, laser technology, packaging machinery, packing technology.
Power engineering, power plant technology, nuclear energy, including, but not limited to: fuels, fuel cycle, production of fuel assemblies, transport containers, reactor service; conventional power plants, alternative and renewable energies.
Construction and civil engineering, utilities management, heating and refrigeration systems, pump technology, sewage treatment plants.
Food industry, agriculture, brewing and beverage industry, chemical industry.
Quality management in all areas.

Business and Law

Business management, risk management, quality management
PowerPoint presentations, business planning and marketing
Banking and finance, cash flow reports, insurance industry
Business administration and economy
Contracts of all types (purchase contract, franchise and license agreement, employment contract, loan agreement, cooperation treaty, management contract etc.)
General terms and conditions, conditions of purchase, sales terms and delivery conditions
Patent law, patents
Documents and credentials, last wills and testaments, powers of attorney


Advertising material, press releases, tenders
Websites, presentations, pamphlets, advertisements, posters, newsletters, brochures


Medical information material, patient information sheets
Doctor's reports, clinical findings
Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical industry
Medical engineering, medical equipment and instrumentation


Western European languages
Skandinavian languages
Eastern European languages
Baltic languages
East-Asian languages

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