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Das TextimFluss Team
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The broad spectrum of texts we translate ranges from the field of engineering (technical instructions,
manuals, catalogues, specifications and data sheets) to training material and legal documents, such
as contracts, pleadings, excerpts from the commercial register etc.

Foreign Language DTP

We are able to process all customary DTP and Internet formats, such as for example XML, SGML, HTML, PDF, InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker.

Translation Memory Systems

TEXTimFLUSS GmbH works with modern Translation Memory Systems –TMS (Trados, Across).
This ensures the consistency of terminology within your texts and improves the quality of your documents.
We will be pleased to incorporate any existing TMs into our systems.


Public authorities normally require accurate, certified translations in order to ensure a complete and faithful rendition of the original documents.
Our sworn translators are authorized by court to certify translations.

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